Making the world a better place,one good deed at a time!

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About Give an Angel

About Give an Angel

Mission and Vision

Kindness is a superpower we all have: it has the potential to impact billions and at the same time help us live a fuller life.

Our mission is to inspire and remind all of us how simple and rewarding kindness truly is.

“Making the world a better place,
one good deed at a time”

The ANGEL Token

The ANGEL stands as the main incentive for getting people to do more kind acts toward each other. There will be two ways to obtain ANGELs, either by doing good and posting on the platform or by acquiring them.

In 10 years there will be 8,618,349,489 ANGELs, which represents the global population forecasted for 2031, since everyone has a guardian ANGEL.

The Problem

The Problem

There is a general reluctance when it comes to helping people and many academics tried to explain why this happens. Some of the reasons found by them are:


When performing this analysis for helping others, costs are often deemed too high


If we see others being reluctant to help, we tend to imitate their behavior and not act towards giving assistance

Similarity and

The willingness to offer assistance also derives from perceived similarity and in-group membership

What if there was a way to get people to help each other every day?



Not everyone is a millionaire, nor do we all have the time or incentives we need to make a change, but this is where Give an Angel comes in. The main objective of Give an Angel is to educate people on the subject of doing good things for others, while realising the benefits for themselves as well. In order to do so, the platform will offer people incentives for people who do good, while also appealing to their desire to ‘win’ something in return.

Cost-benefit Analysis


Our platform offers people the benefits needed to overcome the costs encountered in assisting others. By being offered ANGELs, badges and community benefits as rewards, the cost-benefit analysis may take a positive turn.

Bystander effect


Because people tend to imitate the behavior of others and, naturally, also their reluctance, if we build a community of people who are willing to help, others will be motivated to do the same.

Similarity and Associations


By creating a community, people should be more eager to help others due to the in-group membership effect.

How it Works

How it Works

It’s Simple!

This is a platform in which people can share the good deeds performed by them. The description of the deed has to be accompanied by a kind of proof, be it a photo, video, audio file or a link.

Posts can receive “Wings” (which is the equivalent of the “Like” button), they can be commented on and shared on other platforms. All posts containing good deeds are instantly rewarded with ANGELs, our tokens.

The more ‘wings’ a post receives, the more ANGELs the helper receives. In addition, there will be challenges and events, both online and offline, in which members can participate.

User Journey

User Journey

Flow Chart

The flow chart aims at showing the steps taken by a user to do good and to be rewarded for that deed.

The journey follows a classic social media path, which will make it more intuitive for the majority of people, since our goal is to encourage people to do good and get inspired, without the need to learn how to navigate the platform.




A place where people can see what good deeds others have shared and get inspired. If you like a certain post you can offer it “Wings”, comment on it and share it. There will be photos, videos and links, each with descriptions. If someone writes a longer text, there will be a ‘Read more’ option so people can learn the whole story behind the good deed. Posts can also be filtered by a multitude of criteria.


This is where users will find the challenges, events and causes organised by Give an Angel or in partnership with us. Users can filter the content based on their interests, completion level, date added, engagement level or location. They will be both online and offline so people have multiple ways to help, including participating physically, onating ANGELs, sharing it or offering it wings.


Users can see their ANGEL wallet, their badges and their Halo on the profile page. The halo works on a streak basis, meaning that once you perform a certain number of good deeds on the platform, your aura will get thicker. Other information shown on the profile includes the number of kind acts done, the number of wings received, the number of donations received and the number of causes or challenges you are watching.

Dreams Sharing

When signing up, members are asked to share a few material dreams they have. At the end of every year, we will reward the ‘kindest’ members in our community by making one of their dreams turn into reality. The kindest members are members who have posted the greatest number of good deeds that are in accordance with our T&C, including providing proof for their deeds.


Users will be able to view their wallets at any time, simply by clicking on the wallet icon on their profile. The ANGEL balance will be shown there, alongside their recent transaction. This is also the place in which people can deposit ANGELs, if they want to donate them to causes or people on the platform and the place from which people can withdraw ANGELs.

The ANGEL Token

The ANGEL Token

Token Sale Details

Token Type: ERC-20
Token Handle: ANGEL
Total Supply: 8,618,349,489 (mintable in 10 years)
Total ANGELs distributed for the Private SALE: 1,100,000,000
Token Price: USD 0.015 (with different bonus levels based on ticket size)
Fully Diluted Market Cap: USD 129,275,242

* 24 Months Lock-up – gradually released afterwards, 10% every six months (20% per year)

** 3 months Lock-up after the end of the Private Sale event, followed by 12 months vesting period (25% released quarterly)

Use of Funds

Our main goals for the period following the private sale are to develop the Give an Angel platform and create awareness for it and for the ANGEL token. That is why more than 50% of our budget is allocated for development and marketing costs.

All other costs can be viewed in the pie chart to the right. The rest of the funds we raise will go into the Foundation treasury and will be used for further development, R&D and charitable causes that will be backed by the foundation. More details regarding the use of funds can be viewed in the Whitepaper.



The roadmap pictured in the infographic shows the main highlights in the future of GIVE AN ANGEL. Once the Private Sale ends, a Gantt chart featuring all the development steps and progress will be available on our website, so that our investors and followers can keep track of the project.

Q3 (2024)

First Listing

ANGEL will be available for exchange on the first platform.

Q4 (2024) - Q1 (2025)

Community Building

Increase the engagement on our social media channels

Q2 (2025)

Beta Version Ready

The first version of the app will be complete

Q2 (2025)

More Listings

ANGEL will be available for exchange on multiple important platforms

Q2-Q3 (2025)

Soft Launch

GIVE AN ANGEL will have a soft launch in Romania, as the test market

Q3-Q4 (2025)

Hard Launch

GIVE AN ANGEL launches globally

Q4 (2025)

Post Launch

Focus on retention, feedback implementation and learning from users’ behaviour

Team and Advisors

Team and Advisors

Our team is comprised of people who believe in the power of kindness. By combining our various skillsets, know-how and expertise we are working towards Give an Angel’s purpose to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time.

Alina Anton

Guardian of Angels

Bogdan Manoiu


Gabriel Mazilu

CISO & Angel
Intelligence Director

Madalin Anton


Madalin Dumitru

CEO Cyber Defence part
of Stefanini Group

Abel Dragomir

Angel SM