ANGEL tokens can now be purchased through our platform and, good news, it will only take you a few minutes!

Below is a video tutorial you can use to guide you through the process, step by step:

Step 1: Download the Metamask extension and add it to chrome.

Step 2: Install Metamask and set up your wallet.

Step 3: After successfully setting up your Metamask account, set up Polygon Mainnet.

Step 4: Contact an admin via DM through our social media channels (Telegram, Twitter, Instagram) in order to obtain the KYC link. This is done through our partner, Shuftipro, and shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Step 5: Complete the KYC procedure.

Step 6: After successful KYC verification, you will receive a link to the purchase platform.

Step 7: In order to access the platform, you must log in with Metamask

All done! You can now purchase ANGEL tokens, see your balance, and claim tokens throughout the vesting period.

This procedure is only applicable for purchase with MATIC tokens.

If you don’t have MATIC tokens, you can purchase Angel tokens in ETH or USDT and we will manually insert the amount in the platform. For this, please contact an admin via DM (Telegram, Twitter, Instagram).