How can I buy Angels in the Private Sale Event?

Made the decision to invest in Angels? Great! Thank you for helping us make the world a better place! Join us on Telegram or Contact us via e-mail and we will guide you through the KYC process. After the KYC is completed, we will discuss the amount you want to invest and the ANGEL packages we offer based on the invested amount.

Is there a lock-up period?

Yes, there is a lock-up period for 3 months after the Private Sale is finished and the tokens are gradually released afterwards. All information can be seen in our Whitepaper.

Is the ANGEL token on the Ethereum Blockchain?

Yes, the ANGEL is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain, but we are also bridging it to Polygon. A tutorial on how you can also bridge your ANGEL tokens to Polygon will be released soon.

Do I have any advantages if I am among the early investors?

Of course you do! In addition to being able to buy the ANGEL token at a special price, you are also a valued member of our community! Check out our campaign on Telegram for more information! We are in this together.